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Only the assessment section of Bone Mineral Density(Dexa Scan) report is needed.


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"After using Bone Health Tracker, I'm able to get better understanding of my bone health and monitor the progress of my treatment."
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- Abishek Muthian, Creator of Bone Health Tracker
screenshot of a BMD report classified by Bone Health Tracker
The key metrics from Bone Mineral Density(BMD) scan report is automatically detected by Bone Health Tracker.

screenshot of a BMD report classified by Bone Health Tracker
Report table with automatically classified Z-scores along with T-scores and BMDs in Bone Health Tracker.

screenshot of a skeleton visualization in Bone Health Tracker
Skeleton visualization shows the status of bones from our latest report according to WHO classification.

screenshot of a T-score chart visualization in Bone Health Tracker
T-score chart showing how much our bone mass differs from the bone mass of an average healthy adult.
screenshot of a Z-score chart visualization in Bone Health Tracker
Z-score chart showing our individual BMD to what is expected for a person of the same age and sex.
screenshot of a Z-score chart visualization in Bone Health Tracker
T-score chart showing the percentage difference of current year from the last year and first year.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why would I use Bone Health Tracker?

    To track your bone health or of your family members. Monitor the progress of bone health treatment. Contribute towards the research of bone health treatments.

  • What is the Bone Mineral Density(BMD) Test?

    A BMD test helps to determine whether we have disorders like Osteoporosis, Osteopenia which can make our bones fragile and more likely to break.

    1 in 3 women over the age of 50 years and 1 in 5 men will experience osteoporotic fractures in their lifetime.

    Here's an article from Mayo Clinic about Bone density test. This article from Bone Health & Osteoporosis foundation gives more technical information about the BMD test. Learn about T-score and Z-score here.

  • How does the assessment section (table) of BMD scan report looks like?

    Assessment section of BMD scan report usually contains a table. It doesn't contain any personal information. Upload only the assessment section containing the table from your report to Bone Health Tracker.

    Example of a standard BMD scan assessment section table with only T-scores
    Example of the assessment section table of a BMD scan report.
    BMD scan sample report with both T-scores & Z-scores
    BMD scan sample report.
  • Occasionally, Values for T-Score, Z-Score and BMD are mismatched?

    Sorry about that, Use the 'Edit' function to change the values manually. These occasional issues would be resolved overtime.

  • Bone Health Tracker doesn't show a bone site present in my BMD report?

    Bone Health Tracker currently shows data from common bone sites like Spine, Hip/Femur, Femur Neck and Forearm. Support for uncommon sites would be added upon request, Please reach out to me.

  • Wrong year is displayed for a bone?

    If a later report contains a new bone site, Then it could be shown as belonging to different year. Usually, Consecutive reports have same bone sites for a patient.

  • I'm asked to verify that I'm human, But I don't see any verification widget?

    The verification usually happens without requiring any action from you, If you don't see the Cloudflare widget then please refresh the page. Your report data will not be lost.

  • What is the maximum number of reports displayed?

    You can have a maximum number of 5 reports in the free version of Bone Health Tracker due to browser limitations. Please subscribe to Bone Health Tracker Premium for more reports.

  • What's the difference between Bone Health Tracker Free and Premium?

    Bone Health Tracker Free allows you to track up to 5 reports, If you clear your browser cookies or visit the website from another computer your report data wouldn't be available. Bone Health Tracker Premium allows you to track 40 reports, save reports to the cloud for accessing it again anywhere, access to new features first, support the development of Bone Health Tracker and much more.

  • Where is my report data stored?

    The report data without containing any personal information is stored locally in your browser for free version. If you subscribe to Bone Health Tracker premium it is stored in server for easier access from any device. If you submit it for research, Its stored in our server without any personal data. For more information on how your data is handled click here.

  • What type of research is conducted with my BMD data?

    The BMD data you submit is currently stored without any personal information. The data is not shared with anyone. I'm currently looking for researchers in the bone health field to collaborate for exploring the data for insights and developing better bone health treatments.

  • How can I learn more about Osteoporosis?

    Here are some resources on Osteoporosis from CDC, NIH, Office On Women's Health.

  • Why did you build this?

Winner of AWS Health AI Hackathon

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